mikekus Morning drinks at WXG Guilford. 2y
  •   gand I like a lot 2y
  •   kissin_my_tattoos_ Guilford is my last name lol 2y
  •   littleredfrodo Am in CA (native), USA. Adore your photographs and illustrations. My niece and I are Shutter Bugs at heart. She is making a portfolio together of her own inspirations. When joining Instagram, you were first to pop up. Do have a ?. Never been to UK (in dyer straights to see UK) 2y
  •   littleredfrodo What is WXG Gifford? Restaurant, Museum? I appreciate your reading this comment. My niece/my maiden name is TAYLOR. How English is that! 2y
  •   susslabane Good 2y
  •   yuu6799 Nice cups 2y
  •   annaannoula30 great pics. congrats 2y
  •   nata_lovs )))))) 1y

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