everydayafrica For sale in the Lagos go-slow. A drive that takes only half an hour at certain times of day can take two to four hours at other times. #nigeria #infrastructure Photo by @glennagordon 3y
  •   squareinchanthro Drawings of others? Or is traffic so bad they are offering to paint a portrait of you while you sit in gridlock? 3y
  •   dguttenfelder I quickly learned to fear the Lagos Go Slow 3y
  •   thewritestuffsk Is he selling a picture of Kate Hudson? 3y
  •   glennagordon @squareinchanthro it's a stock image for sale in a frame, though @tlikeaprayert I'm not really sure who it is. @dguttenfelder fear is an understatement. The go-slow, and trying to avoid it, is the organizing force behind my day. 3y

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