norbertvannunen It's getting slow again  I'm going to sync.. See you all tomorrow 3y
  •   norbertvannunen Thank you very much Mimi @xc90_04 I see it as my duty to be so.. for every living creature... that passes my way.. 3y
  •   xc90_04 you meet your duty well my friend ~ you inspire me so!! 3y
  •   bohlan Hej hej! 2y
  •   norbertvannunen 😎 hej hej hej Monika @bohlan 2y
  •   georgweissartist @norbertvannunen Hi, it would be nice if it is You! I took time again to see and "like" a lot of Your work. All Your work is powerful and interesting. I will take more time to see more! 6mon
  •   norbertvannunen First: thanks a bunch, Georg! And yes it's me about 130 weeks ago.. So in a way it was me... Take all the time you want to spent. There's absolutely no pressure. It is always very supporting if someone takes the time to look at my efforts. I wanted to take a look at yours anyway after I got a glance of it this morning in my train to work. @georgweissartist 6mon
  •   norbertvannunen So I will do look at yours. My youngest son has his 42nd anniversary this day. I'll go straight to his family this evening... and will pay no attention to Instagram after leaving my train this evening! Nice meeting you in this app.. @georgweissartist 6mon

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