maplesyrup Solidarity. For all the women I know who have faced breast cancer or been touched by it in some way, this is for you....#sundaypinkedit #bca_challenge2 Photo by moi with edit by the snazzy, amazing @punkrawkpurl 2y
  •   nikistyl Love it! 2y
  •   maplesyrup @nikistyl Thanks so much Niki 2y
  •   bca_fightlikeagirl Congratulations! This image has been selected as a finalist in the #BCA_Challenge2. In the interest of fairness, we will be conducting a BLIND voting at @BCA_FightLikeAGirl. Please do not promote the image on your feed. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you! 2y
  •   nei.cruz 2y
  •   maplesyrup @n_cruz xo 2y
  •   maplesyrup @jimmcd Thanks Jim, I was a little nervous, but Tammy handled me well 2y
  •   joyseyeview Thank you for this! I have a friend who survived breast cancer a few years ago & now has stage 4 cancer. (She was the friend who was over when I spit out the fly in my coffee.) I lost another friend to uterine cancer two years ago. So many women (and their families) suffer from this. Thanks for your courage!! 2y
  •   maplesyrup @joyseyeview Joy you are so welcome. While I haven't lost anyone to it, I know several women who have battled and are battling it. I have such a deep appreciation for their courage and grace... 2y

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