•   anna_stl I love the colors in this! Do you ever go to any of the DC IG meetups? I am going to be in DC the end of the month. 3y
  •   stephdc @raven_nevermore thanks 3y
  •   stephdc @anna_stl I had planned on going to one a while back & then something happened & I couldn't make it. My health hasn't been cooperating lately & I'd love to go to the one at the end of the month. I'll just have to play it by ear. DC is such a great place for a photo walk!! 3y
  •   anna_stl I love DC. I can't wait to visit again. I hope you will be able to make this one. It would be great to meet you in person! Hope your health cooperates. 3y
  •   stephdc @raymer31 you won't find her again. Turns out she was a big gigantic fraud who was stealing pics & posting them as her own. She was even in an editing group with me & some other girls who talked on a regular basis outside of IG. She got really involved with our lives but everything she told us was a complete lie. It was a really crazy, f'd up situation. Our group kind of fell apart after that madness! 3y
  •   stephdc @anna_stl we shall see... It's not looking promising 😕 My life is full of doctors right now... 3y
  •   the_real_mccoy @stephdc EyeEm photo meet up on Sunday in DC.... 3y
  •   stephdc @the_real_mccoy I know!! I'm praying my blood is good this week & my doc says its cool I can drive that far on my own. So far, I've only been permitted to drive local. Glad to see you back!! I've been wondering about you lately & was just recently thinking I should kik you to check in on you!! 3y

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