websta_me THANK YOU and CONGRATS to @rommy_stefanus @polveroza @bhutanyc12 @freedomcoat @aladyinblack
@erinkelly716 @sbrobst @robysky @lisacmomof3 You're featured in WEBSTAQ5 ("What is it like at 12 noon there?")!
*** Visit http://blog.stagram.com to see the photo set or to share on Tumblr! *** This is Category 1 of 3. Category 2 is coming up!
  •   websta_me Hi @upstatemanhattan , we post up 1 question every week. :) The deadline is when the new question is up so the challenge runs for around 6 to 7 days. You can always look for the yellow paper on our feed here, or search the tag 'webstaquestions' on http://blog.stagram.com There's a direct link to all these posts on the blog. If you look at the right side you'll definitely see it. :) If you're on Tumblr you can follow our blog there too. 3y
  •   chris94ca Nice shots! 3y
  •   tina_ann_graves Nice! 3y
  •   ruirdhani Congratulation for all the winners 3y
  •   ruirdhani ^^ 3y
  •   bhutanyc12 Thank you so much!!! @webstagram 3y
  •   ssbrobst So cool!! Thanks!! :) 3y

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