•   achalk04 @misskathrynwells ...didn't you JUST have a baby!?!? Jeez woman, you look awesome ;-) 2y
  •   misskathrynwells I sure did....thanks BB! A much deserved night out... I was home before midnight....lol how things change 2y
  •   achalk04 Haha...well, get used to it hunnay.. it'll be like that for a while! Lmao. Next time you guys go out, gimme aa shout, I could use a much deserved night out also @misskathrynwells xoxo 2y
  •   cock_tiger What does milf mean? 2y
  •   simmerdownsally @cock_tiger milf = "mom I like to fuck" (also means they are hot, which in my case I think they are hot lol) 2y
  •   misskathrynwells Hey Amanda I must have an old # are u coming tomorrow? I hope so... Also, we wanted to know if u wanted to go to the bank after... 2y
  •   simmerdownsally @misskathrynwells saki I tried calling u yesterday to tell u, gus's bday n they are doing the Halloween hunt !! Call me back I was in the shower lol 2y

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