jaclyn_t seeing what Arlette saw. // I love the vision of an artist. as the sun set, she made little notes of colors / tones so she could add in the watercolor. as well as the notes we wrote to each other to try to understand. moments like this is what keeps me going on this project. #portraitproject2012_jaclyn_t #artist #vscocam #sketch #amrunning 3y
  •   marjobourge This is beautiful!!! 3y
  •   pattyj Beautiful 3y
  •   rach_fah Stunning 3y
  •   chipcharles Wow, I knew you had incredible potential when I first met you. So consistently good, your whole portfolio is incredible. So glad I found you and that you're still an artist. You truly have much to share. Thank you 3y
  •   minkwilliams Thanks for the follow ms. I missed that... I was wondering how you were seeing all my posts 3y
  •   jaclyn_t @chipcharles this made my day. really, means so much coming from you. I have always looked up to you, and actually wish I could take all those classes over again. anyways, thank you so much for all you taught me and I'm so happy to reconnect. #gush #sap #thatsall :) 3y
  •   eelnej wonderfu! 3y
  •   kcpenelope Love this!!! 3y

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