nbcnews The stage at Centre College in Danville, KY is being set for tomorrow's Vice Presidential #Debate between #PaulRyan and #JoeBiden. (Photo: Dwaine Scott - @NBCNewsCrew / NBC News) #NBCPolitics 3y
  •   pfaucett0122 Hit it out of the park biden... 3y
  •   bajapri Ryan! 3y
  •   omaravalse go joe biden! 3y
  •   nikkinoelnoel RYAN is going to rock this debate and leave Biden with his foot in his mouth, where it usually is. 3y
  •   tikki72 Go Biden Ryan is a 3y
  •   emily_renee92 This kills me, everybody talking like they know something in politics.. Let's keep capital hill to capital hill. Besides our votes don't really matter anyways, the electoral college doesn't always vote with the majority. 3y
  •   spastic_rainbow @emily_renee92 it's called a democracy for a reason! Your vote does matter--voter participation has direct correlation to better government (and the converse is true as well). Of the people, for the people, by the people. Don't let the system get you down :) 3y

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