dankhole Thinking of you @karlthefog. <3 2y
  •   k_mao Wow awesome! Love the building patterns 2y
  •   dankhole @k_mao Thanks, man! I'm lucky to walk by this building every day on my way to work but I was extra lucky this day - we rarely get fog like this. 2y
  •   dankhole @shutterbugbri So kind, Briana, thank you! You're going to have an awesome time! Let me know if I can offer any recommendations for locations/places to eat. :) Remind me, was Seattle home? How long are you in town? 2y
  •   shutterbugbri Thanks, Dan! I'm originally from San Jose, but I went to UW and absolutely love Seattle. It broke my heart to move back home after graduating a few years ago, but I couldn't find a job and there were more opportunities in the Bay Area. I'll be in town for a week and will probably be on my own quite a bit on weekdays while my friends are at work. I'm going to have to remember how to get around by bus, and hopefully it won't rain TOO hard... :) 2y
  •   shopandsuey Massive! 2y
  •   bighissimo Wow 2y
  •   _meegs great gallery! 2y

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