deftonesband 10.9.12 3y
  •   whiskeydave I'm all about having a good time at shows but ninja kickers spazzing out is a little dumb IMO. I remember my first rock show too and it didn't involve climbing up peoples backs like a chimp to get up on the crowd and kick people in the head. 3y
  •   la_seria @chola_loca1216 Thank You. I'm not even going to feed into firing back. You summed it up perfectly. Bunch of chochas, que se pongan a . Cabrones. 3y
  •   nborecki @whiskeydave seriously! Please keep karate out of the pit. a) you look retarted, 2) no ones cares if you can spin kick or windmill your arms 3y
  •   _le_flaneur @la_seria jajaja si es laneta! que chingas =P 3y
  •   la_seria @chola_loca1216 ese es un pinche culero. Oye, que pendejos son. Uyy. Hahahaha 3y
  •   evoreplica Those who do not want to be near pushing and shoving should only get tickets in the seated area. Everyone should have a choice on how they want to enjoy the show. Stop judging. 3y
  •   _le_flaneur @thepapis610 jaja tu sabes guey 3y

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