drama Hellll yea. Love when there's a new one of these on my DVR. 3y
  •   matt_dubtownwa @derrickd3 I've gone to a trade school. And you people don't know me. So go ahead and keep being arrogant. You should be thankful that not everyone goes college. And I am on Instagram Holmes. I couldn't gives two fuckser about grammar dumb ass. If I'm doing school work, obviously I'd care about grammar. 3y
  •   matt_dubtownwa Do you ADULTS feel accomplished cyber bullying a teen ager? I hope so. @derrickd3 @derekh_ I know when I am an adult, above 21. I will not be talking shit consistently to a teen ager all day. You must be well accomplished MATURE ADULTS 3y
  •   matt_dubtownwa That's what I fucking thought. 3y
  •   derekh_ @matt_dubtownwa you are right. I shouldn't have gotten into it like that. That wasn't mature at all. But you are now an adult too. I think it's time for us to all grow up. 3y
  •   matt_dubtownwa Now that I will most certainly agree too lol. Good fight guys Take care @derekh_ @derrickd3 3y
  •   derekh_ Hahahah. @matt_dubtownwa. Yeah man you too. Stay up and take it easy homie. 3y
  •   erin098123 I love that show 3y
  •   ryanxbowling you might wanna move the dresser do the tv is in the center lol 3y

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