barackobama Dancing in the street after voting for @BarackObama in Ohio. cc @OFA_OH 3y
  •   mikeeyyymike @jacob_larue_ actually whites receive the most welfare you fckn idiot. 4d
  •   jacob_larue_ Actual no people who don't work hint majority of the black community, I'm not saying blacks can't be successful they can, but your the retard, blacks receive more welfare checks thanks to ofama our stupid muslim president. So dont even start, and saying cuss words doesn't prove your point! @mikeeyyymike GO TRUMP AND MUSLIMS GO TO HELL! THAT'S WHAT THEY SAID TO INNOCENT PEOPLE IN THE UK SO WE SAY IT BACK! 4d
  •   jacob_larue_ I'm also a proud US citizen 4d
  •   mikeeyyymike @jacob_larue_ lol you're so fckn ignorant idk whether to debate you or laugh. Whites receive the MOST welfare. Fckn look it up on that phone you're on do you know how to use it? The same people receive those checks when a Republican is in. You still think Obama is a Muslim when he showed you his birth certificate. I guess I expect that from Republicans. 4d
  •   jacob_larue_ The birth certificate doesn't matter he could be Muslim anyway, also the white man built this country, and don't pull the slave crappie because there were blacks that owned slaves too. Also Obama doesn't care about this country and we need to close our boarders, stop these stupid black lives matter crap and by the way they are evil, they said F Paris and death to Paris yeah I got a gun to protect me and my family from any threat @mikeeyyymike 4d
  •   mikeeyyymike @jacob_larue_ lmao ok I'm not gonna waste my time on people w/ no education. Good luck to you man. 4d
  •   mikeeyyymike @jacob_larue_ stay in school 4d
  •   jacob_larue_ Haha, you may think it's all a joke, but I am not gonna waste my time with a imbisal like you! And top school district and TEXAS doesn't prove anything to you I don't know what will! 4d

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