hipstaroll The people have spoken, the votes have been tallied and the results are in! Thank you all for taking the time to vote on how Hisptaroll will incorporate Hipstamatic's new Multi Exposure feature.
You guys chose to keep Multi Exposure Shots separate:: same combo, different gallery. So please DO NOT tag Multi Exposure shots to the main tag any longer.

Multi Exposure shots should be tagged with
• the weeks sister tag
• the lens + the film + flash, if you use one.

You can start this week: #HipstaRoll_week68_multi + #AlfredInfrared + #Jimmy
Please familiarize yourself with the how to of the feature… we have put a link to the users manual for the Multi Exposure Kit at the top of our profile page here on IG. Be sure to read the Pro Tips at the bottom of the page.

photo by @lucky_chucky
  •   lucky_chucky @carlijayne7 Thanks Carli! Ok.... If you say so.... 3y
  •   violetrothko @punkrawkpurl Happy day twice the work for you...!...punctuate it any way you like 3y
  •   titaponte Fantastic @lucky_chucky @punkrawkpurl !!! Let's dive into multi exposure world :) 3y
  •   butterflyblue Fabulous .. So excited didn't realise .. Woohoo I love multi exposure - I was wondering how I was going to fit it in 3y
  •   mmleeann Ok so I read the tips. Still having a little creative trouble on the multi. It seems to never turn out for me. Any hints out there? Can u post some? @punkrawkpurl @lucky_chucky 3y
  •   punkrawkpurl @mmleeann there was an a multi shot posted in our feed yesterday with a post explaining that we plan to explore multis more as a community. you may want to also check out the multi tag for this week, #hipstaroll_week69_multi. cc: @lucky_chucky 3y
  •   lucky_chucky @mmleeann Hey there Michelle! My suggestion for good multiple exposures would be to keep it simple. Think about shapes and textures. Pay attention to light and shadows. Try to keep both exposures as clutter-free as possible. Remember that the darker areas of one of the exposures will show the second exposure more than the lighter areas. I hope this helps! 3y

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