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Title: Chasing Your Dream

This Image. This opportunity. This moment is of a young man named Traveil chasing his dream to be a successful entertainer. This past saturday I was invited to see him perform on stage in Fayetteville, NC and I was in the front row snapping like crazy. During the show I could see and feel his passion. You could see throughout his performance the fact that he believes its only a matter of time before his dreams come true. What I really love about this photo is it captures him in the process of chasing his dream. In that moment I realized that a dream no matter how big or small is an important part of who we are and you should fight for your dream with passion. This night I was inspired to chase my very own dreams harder. So let me ask you all a queation.....What does it mean to chase your dream? Well I believe the first step is to write it down somewhere. So what is your dream? Thats right I would like know what your dream is. Put your dream in the comment line big or small doesn't matter and lets chat about it.

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