jamie_eighteen25 6 weeks in and she's finally learned how to blow into this thing. #iwashopingshedpickart 2y
  •   brookekemp Ha, my son just started orchestra playing the viola so I can relate. #atleastitsnotdrums 2y
  •   jen_eighteen25 6th grade fun. :) they are always so excited to play an instrument. :) I could see her sticking with it though?? Lucky!! 2y
  •   shansummer Haha! At first my son wanted to play the violin -- we were glad we could convince him that choir is the way to go. Just the thought of all those hours spent screeching (practicing) . . . 2y
  •   kariholt Ours was French Horn ... OY!! 2y
  •   kristenduke_capturingjoy Ugh...the tuba! 2y
  •   heidixon My 6th grader picked trumpet! The dog runs and hides when he starts to practice 2y
  •   kristenduke_capturingjoy I was hoping for something else, too! 2y

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