dankhole Lattice 3y
  •   _mike27_ awesome! 3y
  •   adurnwirth Great Dan! 3y
  •   k_mao The subtle dips. Like gravity in space time fabric haha 3y
  •   daleahn I just found where this is! Crazy. 3y
  •   dankhole @daleahn Totally crazy for a Bartells huh?! I've gone by so many times on the bus but didn't get a chance to shoot it till two weeks ago. Even then I only got this one shot. We should go back! 3y
  •   daleahn Extremely! We totally should. 3y
  •   bradpuet Damn you're sexy bro! Just catching up! Btw - need to schedule UW stadium shoot! 3y
  •   lesliecardella Love any diamond shape grat pix 2y

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