nasagoddard John Mather. Yes, he really is that nice in person 2y
  •   jgando1278 mr mather is hung like a moose 2y
  •   itsyooboiiijulius What if humans could actually breathe in space? And the government says we can't so we don't try to escape? 2y
  •   anasvision @itsyooboiiijulius Your views are quite out there But it's good you are critically thinking 2y
  •   rosangelacampello Gênio , 2y
  •   the_riddler78790918 I lov math 2y
  •   math_hues @itsyooboiiijulius flawed conspiracy. Oxygen is needed (as well as many other factors [like air pressure]) that would make it impossible for us to survive solely in space. The mathematics are there (meaning this is true knowledge). But if you want to spend about a million to find out that's all you 2y
  •   loso_sbc Fuck him! 2y
  •   xp3rt_gaming That's a boy!?!?! 3mon

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