veggie_mama What a bastard. 3y
  •   veggie_mama @thatvintage I used to get tonsillitis once a month. It was just ridiculous. Now I get it only once a year, but I also get every other illness going around! Worst. Immune. System. Ever. 3y
  •   billyandaugust I'm sick too. Blah!!! 3y
  •   littlepaperlane Oh shitballs!! I hope it's just pretend and u wake tomorrow and it was just a 'thing' in the air!! Rest well( a bit hard right now I'm sure) snort some vitamin c or something! Good luck xx 3y
  •   monkeys_in_the_kitchen ok bebe! You just let us know as we haven't got any plans, except to help you out 3y
  •   mrssmythmadethis Boo to that @veggie_mama - big hugs & lots of panadol! Xx 3y
  •   rabbitholetea Agree with @thatvintage on the tonsil front @veggie_mama. Had them out and have never felt better! Hardly ever get sick these days (touch wood). The recovery was nowhere near as bad as the worst bouts of tonsillitis either. Totally worth it. 3y
  •   veggie_mama @rabbitholetea I don't get it very often... but it always sucks! I think I need to work on my immunity. 3y
  •   rabbitholetea It does suck @veggie_mama. Good excuse to put your feet up for a minute or two at least! Hope you have lots of helpers for the little ones and that you're feeling better soon. x 3y

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