lovewayrecords writing music; should be sleeping...zzz 2y
  •   jacob_cv Don't go to sleep. Keep writing. coughacousticstuffcough?? c: 1y
  •   coexistencias home with me? my baby *-* 1y
  •   alexa_mancini Heyy, you played in Hartford today at vans warped tour 2013..and I was front row when your band was playing, I can honesty say your a huge inspiration of mine..I haven't had the best life and I would have never found out I had a talent in music if it wasn't for you..your music is so relatable to my life sometimes it just hurts..and that what music is supposed to do, touch people's hearts and interact with them in a way in which they understand and can relate it to their life..I know you probably will never ever even see this, but I just though I would tell you that you can never stop playing music, you've made to much of an impact on my life, if you actually see this then your an amazingly gifted songwriter and performer, you probably get told that all the time because your kinda famous..but I think that you need to know that you are and you've touched a lot of people's hearts, it's a dream to be able to meet you..I'm just waiting for it to come true, I always say that I'm hopelessly waiting for something that's never going to happen.. @lovewayrecords @lovewayrecords @lovewayrecords 1y
  •   svicidal you are amazing. not flawless or perfect. but that's because you have flaws, like everyone else. but you embrace yours because your flaws are what make you, you. and you help me see that in myself. I love you 11mon
  •   smiley_smiles_small @leia_blue_eyes hey what about his moon tattoo? 10mon
  •   brianna_garcia_ @__fcksociety our babe 8mon
  •   unicorns_ate_caelan Adorbs 7mon
  •   morgan_vincent___ Can i have you please. plesseeeeee 6mon

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