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Hi it's @grammy1. Josh's mom. I am so excited. Josh has asked me to do a special feature. :) I'm calling it FAMILY MATTERS. I'll post on Monday and you will have all week to post.
So this week lets start with family pets. Dogs, birds, snakes (Josh had them all). Funny pics would be good :) Tag your shots #JJ_Family_Matters_01. Both new or archive pics are fine. .
Here is my dog Fawn. A wonderful retired Greyhound. No funny pics of him because this the only one. We have a BIG problem - he is totally afraid of the shutter click. Does anyone know how to shut it off ?
  •   garymon16 @grammy1 More specifically, only click when the dog looks toward the camera. In this you can shape the dogs behavior. Initially just the slightest glance should get a treat. Over time you can increase what it takes to get a treat. 3y
  •   kaiyunn Haha. My dog ALWAYS knew whenever I point my phone OR camera at him; he will start going crazy, running around.. Even when I switched off the shutter sounds. He's lens-shy. Damn. 3y
  •   grammy1 Great help. Glad someone else has the problem. 3y
  •   grammy1 Well not glad. But u know what I mean. 3y
  •   stephanie984 What a nosep 3y
  •   greybabylove I'm confused, who is @jj_editor_grammy1 if @grammy1 is @joshjohnson s mom? 3y
  •   cathybrittonphotography Welcome Mrs J! :) 3y
  •   tinalife Totally love it, Mrs J! @grammy1 such a cute dog! 3y

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