jjcommunity How funny is this? I wouldn't want to call my dad a tech grouch. That wouldn't be nice, so I won't say it. . . even if its true. ;-) I'm so proud of him! He just got a 4s! Next step an IG account. He's apprehensive. :-) Both my lovely mom and daughter are already hooked. How is your family handling your IG/mobile photography obsession? Speaking of which. Stay tuned. I've asked my mom to be a guest contributor on my account. I'll post her piece in a few minutes. 3y
  •   j_grizzzz I'm the only member of my family IG obsessed. My mother doesn't have a smart phone-it's a good thing. 3y
  •   sica_photography @garymon16 That is hilarious. My family is the same way (not that I play World of Warcraft, lol) :) 3y
  •   garymon16 @sica_photography Now I play World of Instagram. 3y
  •   sica_photography @garymon16 roflll well, that I do play ;D. Sadly, I've only gotten 1 out of my 9 immediate family members into it ( @pookie8287 !), but this might be for the best ;). My mommy only just learned how to take photos with her phone, and they're always blurry 3y
  •   garymon16 @sica_photography it's a fine line between blurry, poorly cropped mom photos and artistic hipster photos. 3y
  •   sica_photography @garymon16 oh, so true. until they are photos of recipes, and you can't read the measurements . Maybe she is sneakily trying to get me to be creative in the kitchen as well ;D 3y
  •   garymon16 @sica_photography Ha! Maybe. 3y
  •   the_vintage_modernist What you have 60+ messages! That would drive me insane! 3y

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