berrics Today Yoon goes to Explore the Berrics Westchester plaza with the Cliché team, Felipe Gustavo gets extra technical in his BANGIN!, and we enjoy a few slices with PJ in Pizza Party with PJ Ladd. Only at 2y
  •   filthy_sk8rat Felipe's bangin was sick 2y
  •   jericomedina Pj on element? Hmmm. I know plan b and element joined together long time ago. 2y
  •   vinvilla Felipe's banging was hella nice, and Pj's pizza party was cool too! I the berrics! 2y
  •   filthy_sk8rat Watch David gonzalez' possessed part on thrasher so gnarly 2y
  •   marsealthedingus @peepsskate I'm guessing he's the new pro on element they're announcing 2y
  •   virusovskiy Wtfuck element board?! 2y
  •   wade_yates Shoulda been PB&J with PJ hahaha 2y
  •   kendrick_d_lamar WANNNNNNKKEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!! BLOODDDYYYYYY WANKEEERRRRRR!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡§ 2y

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