jeremyriad Persil lives! 31 days as a balcony butterwalk :) #persilgram 3y
  •   jeremyriad @drilone Her wings are disintegrating because she flaps them and can't fly :( So she falls off stuff and flaps and flaps and now there's almost no wing left on one side. I don't think butterflies are "engineered" for longevity in the wild--they are so fragile, typical lifespan is 2 weeks. Persil is living longer b/c she has no predators. I don't really know what to expect, but her wings sometimes make me sad. Now don't you feel like a big meanie. 3y
  •   drilone I was just joking. I have raised butterflies before and know how fragile they are 3y
  •   jeremyriad @drilone oh! That's cool about raising butterflies. I tried giving her an orange slice, but the ants seemed more interested this round. 3y
  •   scarylittlepumpkins_art_design With your permission, id really like to illustrate persil with a few captions based on what youve written about her. Maybe i could draw her with my laz 3y
  •   scarylittlepumpkins_art_design Late flightless butterfly , sweets 3y
  •   scarylittlepumpkins_art_design Just i can relate alot to what your dping 3y
  •   jeremyriad @scarylittlepumpkins Sure! That sounds great. I think I will make a small book at some point too. Check out @medulao's #persilgram pics. She's butterfly babysitter while I'm at work :) 3y

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