•   loveofewe Hopefully it will pass quickly! 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @loveofewe sadly it looks like it'll last the night! :( we were supposed to do mickeys not so scary Halloween , but just switched our tickets to Thursday bc I'm prone to pneumonia. :( :( 3y
  •   loveofewe Oh no :( Hopefully you can find something indoors to do. Did you guys get dinner reservations? 3y
  •   jessee_artschooldropout @loveofewe looks like we're headed to rainforest cafe instead. :) and then too look at Xmas ornaments (I always get a few) 3y
  •   stevenhaddox @jesseesuem it better not rain us out again or I'll turn into the Queen of Hearts! 3y

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