bonethrower @hye_na requested me to draw her eye so here you go. 2y
  •   neddiep The micron don 2y
  •   old_hag That is one lucky young lady. 2y
  •   eatyourgreeeens hey ur art is amazing,any chance you could give one of my pictures a go?preferably of my cats!will frame it!x 2y
  •   bonethrower Yeah we would have to talk price though if you are still interested. This is kinda how I make my living @ciaobellla 2y
  •   ossyhello @bonethrower Hey, would like to make some of that living and send me some of those stickers? I'd gladly pay for those. 2y
  •   princessvalhallahawkwind Wanna challenge? Draw my hair! It's crazay! 2y
  •   julianbast @bonethrower people like art but they don't like to pay for it. Craziness 2y
  •   eatyourgreeeens of course! how much? you can email me at if you would rather not disclose here x 2y

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