jjcommunity Keeping it Real (KiR) with Emily and Michael.

Hey y'all, @ohemg87 here... Isn't the Changing of Seasons incredible? I think it's such a beautiful reflection of our lives, changing times and seasons. Loved this KiR weekend. #jj_keepingitreal_007 turned out so beautiful.

Here's an image I couldn't walk away from...I love this picture by @just_yk because 1. I love shoes. 2. I love leaves. And 3. It's just a great image. Well composed and the colors are beautiful. And can't we all relate to crunching through those fall leaves?

Sorry I was slacking this weekend! Yay for Michael, @yomap, for being a rockstar. You should see his sequined rockstar outfit. It's a dream come true.

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