laranovales Late lunch!
Couscous with onions, parsley, carrots , cucumber

Plain omelet with garlic and chives

Carrot and cucumber sticks with paprika, mustard, mayo, black pepper dip!
Yum!!! Now time to watch anime!
  •   catastr.phe OMG YESS!! arigatou :D 2y
  •   laranovales @dana_krystelle you need to come home first 2y
  •   laranovales @nadia_228 if you guys have school maybe I can make some for you. Since Dana does not like cous cous 2y
  •   catastr.phe yay thanks :D 2y
  •   fednecis Hey love can you tell me more about couscous? like how does it taste? does it taste better than quinoa? I tried quinoa and it was a bit bitter. But i bought a box of couscous and i had no idea what to make it with. Do i just treat it like rice? looks awesome btw! 2y
  •   laranovales @fednecis you can mix anything with cous cous. Here is what u do when making plain cous cous. Boil 1 cup of water with a bit of olive oil and some salt. Then put 1 cup of cous cous in. Make sure it's even in the pan. Switch off heat and wait 2-3 minutes. Put about 1/4 cup butter. And turn on heat again put to very low. While mixing in the butter to make the cous cous fluffy. Heheh that's plain cous cous. It's basically like pasta from Africa. Lol. I usually just mix in chopped onions, cherry tomatoes, and flat leaf parsley. Yum yum yum. Eat in moderation. It's still carbs. 2y
  •   moon.of.soul 😛I love food 2y
  •   laranovales @aaron_knight64 don't we all ? Hahaha 2y

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