beachmama Simple dinner tonight. Cantaloupe juice! I felt I needed a treat to end my 1st week of my #crazyjuicer #juicefast feeling good! Still battling a cold which I thought would go away fast since I'm #detoxing and #juicing and I never get sick but I'm staying strong and I know I'll beat it soon! #turbofire week 7 tomorrow!!! I #love this program! #fitness #weightloss #beachbody #health #detox #cleanse #rawfoodshare #vegan #veganfoodshare #raw #onelove #juicehappy 2y
  •   dacapman Yum 2y
  •   lesecheo @beachmama if you would like to try an immunity boosting smoothie I tried one I found on Dr. and it actually taste pretty good. The recipe calls for 2 oranges, 1/2 a cantaloupe, 1 tomato, and 1 cup of strawberries. You can blend it with ice if desired 2y
  •   bellasfitmom Hope u feel better soon doll!! 2y
  •   mermaidmath Thanks @beachmama I really appreciate it! I'm just scared about how I'm going to feel. 2y
  •   brookespurling Awesome!!! I do it everyday too, but when I'm sick I do 1 tbsp every waking hr so it's constantly in my body working. With you juicing, you're probably peeing alot, so taking it more often throughout the day will help kick it faster!!! Yay, I love people who aren't afraid of ACV!!! 2y
  •   sammariestewart I hope you feel better soon!! 2y
  •   dynamically @beachmama educate me, what is ACV ? 2y
  •   dynamically @Beachmama Oh duh! Apple cider vinegar it just clicked hahaha 2y

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