badgalriri Every time 3y
  •   exquisitetreasure That's my wholllle point! 2y
  •   queenimage Facts 2y
  •   itss_mandyyy Kick chemikas ass !!! Challenge excepted @kamzus @that1msft 2y
  •   squaresircles Yup u know 2y
  •   madisonisamazing15 Hi Rihanna my name is alexis and I'm from a small town in Virginia. Ever since I was little I've been singing and dancing dreaming. I've always wanted to grow up and get discovered and become someone like you. It's amazing how someone can go from small town to being a huge success but it's almost impossible when you live in a small town and have no connections to big industries or people. I don't have a lot of money but I do have a lot of heart and all I want is to be a singer like you but I can't get discovered it's just so hard now a days especially when your parents can pay your way into it and they can't there's just no way they could afford it. I know this is dumb and I know you want reply but I thought Id at least try to get you to help me. Everyone doubts me and says its crazy to dream of something so stupid but I really believe one day something would happen. And I know you probably get this like a billion times a day but if there's something you could do I really wish you would! Once again I know it's crazy but there's just no other hope. If you read this I want you to know you're amazing and so talented and I hope I do become a singer just like you and if I do when they ask me who my inspiration is it would be you for sure! So please just take the time to read this and consider. I know it was meant to be... And btw I'm 17 and my real Instagram is alexis_west96 I used this one so creepy people wouldn't follow me on my real one after leaving this comment haha. So please Rihanna consider it you're the best :) 2y
  •   madisonisamazing15 *parents can't pay not can sorry typo 2y
  •   dragonscrypte What if people know you can do it, do you still do it? 7mon

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