quinnmb I've started volunteering at the Emergency Room near me. Very cool program that let's you try to help people when they need help the most #quinnmb #emergency room 2y
  •   sameedqureshi :) 2y
  •   damaidastouch Worked in an ER in the south bronx for 10 years, hardest job yet 2y
  •   _alessiadele_ Beautiful ! :) 2y
  •   quinnmb @exelentise hah so true this is actually a pic from a film set I worked on depicting a hospital scene 2y
  •   exelentise Haha ok well in that case bravo 2y
  •   janaspix Cool pic ! Thanks for volunteering, it takes a special person to do that ;) 2y
  •   kostyaminsk You are brave, it's very hard in emergency, I know because I'm resuscitater :) 2y

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