amyrebeccawilde Mr. Jesse James and Sir Atticus Finch on our evening walk. My handsome little gentlemen. x 4y
  •   brandongullion @labellenuage oh wow. They look like puppies. That's adorable. What kind of dogs are they? 4y
  •   amyrebeccawilde @brandonicusofdoomicus To be honest, I have no idea. They're both rescues, so I can only assume. Atticus seems like a chihuahua/terrier mix. I found him at the shelter when he was around two, but he could be older. Jesse was found in a trash can when he was a puppy. He has a Shepard's face, but he corgi legs. I have zero idea what he is, so I tell people he's the one and only Jesse James. 4y
  •   brandongullion @labellenuage oh gotcha. Well they are two very awesome dogs :). That's so nice of you to rescue them. When I get a dog in the future I plan on rescuing one as well. No reason to get puppies from a breeder when there are thousands of suffering dogs out there already. I like the names of yours too! 4y
  •   ice_p23 Those are the cutest names ever, for one. And your pups are adorable... I can't even handle it! 4y

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