chobani First batch of chili of the season...with a dollop of #chobani of course! #dinner 3y
  •   forkyounoforku I always add cho to my chili 3y
  •   thewannabefoodie What do you call chili that isn't yours? NotCHO chili! 3y
  •   cdean17 Tastebud heaven! 3y
  •   stellajean121714 What's the recipe? 3y
  •   atiecay Never thought about adding Chobani to it! Just made an awesome batch of veggie chili the other day :D 3y
  •   pinterestrecipebox Yum! 3y
  •   gutzy27 Yes! Chobani is a must, it's my new thing. Thx 3y
  •   happyme2 Hey! I thinks someone may have tipped you off. 3y

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