justinbieber Where would I be 2y
  •   kidrauhl_ilysm If you didn't believe 2w
  •   karlaselenajustin If you didn't belieeevvveeee yeaahh, if you didn't believe...cause everything starts from something but something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn't dream with me.. 2w
  •   alespotty03 Believe.... 2w
  •   lupita_garza22 My angel 2w
  •   dariiana_cruz My life 1w
  •   starbuckswithbizzle This picture is my lifeeeee omg BELIEVE In everything be cause everything starts from something ohhh gosh this is LIFEE thank you Justin 5d
  •   lici.xoxo REMEMBER OMG @destiny.eppersonn 5d
  •   carol.2000 If you didn't believe 1d

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