astrodub #fromwhereistand: Stenciling envelopes for the calendars y'all ordered. Thank you so much. There are about 10 calendars left if anyone else is interested. Link is on my profile. 3y
  •   astrodub @wendywalks haha! More struggling that successful, but I'm glad it seems that way. I'm sure as hell trying :) stats: 172K followers. Calendars sold: 12 😬 3y
  •   astrodub @flic_panda Us yiyr dad a Bettie fan? you may want to check out my handmade Bettie Page coasters at my other etsy shop: :) 3y
  •   astrodub @gwenk44 ill send you an actual frame able piece, screw the envelope :) 3y
  •   werek09 3y
  •   flic_panda Ok kool I will check them out. Thanks. @astrodub 3y
  •   wendywalks WOW. That is a heckofalot of followers. 3y
  •   gwenk44 Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! 3y
  •   danieliola Thanks Astrodub! I was hoping for a stenciled envelope too 3y

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