•   amusexbouche Want 2y
  •   forwardset @southernfantasy @stofcikb @trevykemp Available on the site soon. $65 ea piece, or $130 for the full kit. 904fixed.com 2y
  •   robbiexwhite Just in time for my birthday! 2y
  •   brentps Good price, and always worth supporting locals, even though I'm in Orlando lol. 2y
  •   forwardset @robbiexwhite well happy birthday bud! Hope you like the kit. @stofcikb we have people that support all over the world. No shame! 2y
  •   robbiexwhite Love you Kirk. 2y
  •   brentps @904fixed that's awesome! Love to see people showin support all over. I'm hoping to get up there to ride with you guys at some point soon, only an hour and half/ two hours or so I think from Orlando to you guys 2y
  •   ktsonos @robbiexwhite love you too bro! Kits ship out tomorrow. 2y

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