natgeo Mt. Vaux, Yoho NP, Canada. Photo by @peteressick on assignment for @natgeo. I'm back home in Atlanta. My postings these last weeks from Yoho NP were an attempt to share some thoughts and pictures (as they were being created) of one NG photographer from the field. It has been an experiment for me, but so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The longer than normal length of my postings is the result of the unfiltered nature of the dispatches from the field, my desire to add substance and perhaps my long-winded nature. In the end, I work with and rely on editors to craft the final product that will be the NG article. Most people I meet have no idea about all that goes into producing an NG story, and those on the inside usually don't have the time or inclination to describe the process. The working theory has been that IG postings from the field can help shed a little light about the job of an NG photographer. I have a few more pictures from Yoho I would like to post, but I am returning to my "family mode" - taking out the trash, driving to soccer practices, and helping my 12-year-old son with his homework. If you are a parent and this is your world, I can think of no greater calling. But in between the routine, I'll be planning my winter trip back to Yoho in March. I'll keep you posted. 2y

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