•   veganvoodoo this looks amazing! recipe? 3y
  •   bobotsbebot That looks awesome! 3y
  •   agizzy @veganvoodoo Thanks! Soak soy meat or seitan with grated garlic, soy sauce, rice wine and a little bit of water for a while. After squeezing lightly (Don't chuck the sauce), spread flour or starch on them evenly and shallow fry them. Put them on a plate. Put sliced garlic in a heated frying pan and add spring onion. Then, add the soy meat with the rest of the sauce. If it doesn't become sticky, add 1/3 tea spoon of starch with 1 table spoon of water after mixing them in a different bowl. Serve with dried seaweed. 3y
  •   agizzy @bobotsbebot Thank youuuuu 3y

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