natgeo By @salvarezphoto in Cape Town, #SouthAfrica You know, no matter how many time I have been proven wrong I never think that signs like this apply to me. I think it is a condition peculiar to photographers. When I have a camera out and in front of me it isn't that I feel invincible but more that I am not concerned with anything but making pictures. Anyone else experience something similar? In the case of this sign I was hiking #tablemountain in #capetown and was looking for a different view of the city. The sign was right, it isn't an easy way down, it is steep and exposed. However, it is also beautiful. 3y
  •   brittanyzae @torie_foley omg omg let's go back!!!!! #barefoot #hiking 3y
  •   jhrb_rx @allmylovexando you have to go here when you're in Africa!! 3y
  •   nikki_full_throttle Yes I get the same. My dad passed away recently. Walking out and about with my camera is one of the few things that bring me piece. Have a look at what I have posted so far and let me know what you think. 3y
  •   maryamodi @ixoxou wow! *_* i've been to table mountain but I dont remember seeing this sign xD 3y
  •   paullipschitz Those signs on table mtn should be taken seriously. More people die on table mtn every year than mt Everest. 3y
  •   arinarieda great 3y
  •   surasri_h Natgeo, I agree with u. We tend to forget where we are standing and the photoes were always perfect as expected!!! 3y
  •   fstoped Like the time I was hanging from ledges and branches with one hand, my camera in the other, for photos of rapids on a river in the California/Oregon Border region. 3y

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