beachmama Awesome Campfire and my twist on s'mores! Couldn't find any #vegan marshmallows so this is a graham cracker with a #vegan peanut butter cup and a fire roasted Banana! I didn't taste this but one person, who's a chef, said it was the best thing they've ever had and my kids n hubby all Loved it!! It sure smelled yummy!! #happytummy #veganfoodshare #veganmofo #vegansofig #creative #nomnomnom #love #manuka #camping #amazeballz #hawaiilife #crazyjuicer #lifeisgood 2y
  •   hprsmum OoooOoooh! Thanks!! PS-I watched "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" today... Amazing movie!! I can't wait to go load up on fruits & veggies on Wednesday and try a week of juice!! 2y
  •   hprsmum (that's my pay day) :) 2y
  •   beachmama Yay! Can't wait for u to join! I know u can do it! Great movie ya!? I always start on paydays. It's the only Way! Haha @biiitchfest 2y
  •   hprsmum Super great, I wish they would show that and Forks Over Knives on prime time tv!! Yeah, I'm excited to try a week... I did a day last week and it was tough. You're even stronger than I ever thought! But I'm going to research "recipes" more and not just try "this will probably taste" good :) did you ever get my email by the way? I forgot why I sent it! Hahaha!! 2y
  •   beachmama Omg! I'm a crazy lady! @biiitchfest I did get your email! I'll reply tomorrow. I can't remember either! I'm sorry girl!! Lol yes just remember the foray few days are the hardest. Gotta stay busy! And go to bed early! Lol otherwise I graze! Lol I have never used a recipe but I just do sweet n not. Fruits and veggies and go for it! Lol I'm a nut! 2y
  •   hprsmum  Thats what I do usually, sweet and not sweet, but I wanna google recipes for certain flavors I'm afraid of usually - I think google offered some from Joe personally, on his site. Yayer! :) If I find any good ones, I'll let you know! I'm either gonna start my fast on thursday morning or wait till Monday morning since I have a big weekend planned :/ 2y
  •   beachmama @biiitchfest how's it going? 2y
  •   hprsmum Hahaha I haven't started yet :/ I forgot and went regular grocery shopping last week :( next check! 2y

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