itsashbenzo Soooo many options 3y
  •   mgwen54 Lol yes it's so exhausting^^ U Will remember that during a long time :) I'm from un Nancy, do U know? 3y
  •   danajayneee @gween_88 haha yes I will! :p no I don't sorry, where is that? 3y
  •   mgwen54 East north.. There is cold here, not like La Rochelle lol & You? 3y
  •   danajayneee @gween_88 oh cool! We went to Le Quesnoy and Paris while we were in the north, are they anywhere near you? I'm from New Zealand (: dans le nord de l'île du sud (: 3y
  •   mgwen54 @danajayneee okey :) yes it's 3h from Paris ! Paris is wonderful, isn't it? New Zealand should be cool! 3y
  •   mgwen54 I understand... But you are near Australia and that is so cool ^^ but it's right that is so far away of the rest of the world.. You come often in France ? 3y
  •   jacklyn_8hu never stress about another payment ever again, simple cash for utilizing instagram 3y

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