mybeardedpigeon Python at the door: 2y
  •   chantal__ Oh my! 2y
  •   mymessyroom Arghhh! 2y
  •   gentlefolk Oh such a striking pose! We had a few pythons around at our old place in inner city Brisbane. The last one was about her size and decided our yard would make a nice place to lay her eggs. Was fascinating. I was just relieved that she didn't try to eat the chickens! 2y
  •   kristanleeread Beauty 2y
  •   theredthread No WAY! 2y
  •   mybeardedpigeon @gentlefolk yes! The chooks are in Fort Knox for this reason, it's a worry. 2y
  •   teneale_m Holy cow!! 2y
  •   thesmallesttribe Oh my freaking lordy! I would have crapped my dacks! 2y

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