stuperbee Cool shit is happening... 2y
  •   patrick0malley__ I heard your upcoming album is supposed to be like Iowa . I hope these guitars have that killer sound @stuperbee 2y
  •   th3m1ke Looks like fun in the Custom Shop! Are you enjoying your AxeFX II? 2y
  •   carlob_homemade @stuperbee Minchia le jazzmaster!!!..era ora!!! 2y
  •   elcodocter @stuperbee what string gauges are you using for the C# tuning (reborn, made of scars, etc) 2y
  •   mrtaxloss1 I wouldn't mind trying one of the prototyped @stuperbee , as long as you don't mind sending one to Scotland lol I'll forward the cost, when you guys come to Manchester I'm hopin to bump in to you guys as I'm lookin to get my tele scratch plate signed by your good self, will you be doin any signings while you are here??? 2y
  •   millpucky @stuperbee you lucky SOB, old friend!!!! 2y
  •   hamilton2008 I heard Phil and nick on some videos on youtube when they were filling in and it was good but not like the real thing. You were sick live in St. Louis, oh and thanks for designing bad ass guitars. And I'll be getting one of these I'm sure 2y
  •   derek89 I'm 666 to like this pic! Hahahaha 2y

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