joshjohnson Hey it is @kevinkuster posting. Two years ago today, Instagram launched, creating a community like no one had ever seen. It wasn't simply a photo-sharing app. It wasn't simply a social network. It was something more. Something special.
Instagram has created a new art form and connects people all over the world through their love of mobile photography. Through Instagram we have created our #jj community that goes beyond what Josh could have imagined. We have become a movement. A movement of mobile photography lovers who are supportive, loving and passionate about photography and each other.
Thank you, @kevin. What you've created is revolutionary. We are forever grateful.
It only seems appropriate we do another challenge today. The theme is "Happy Anniversary Instagram." Tag it #JJ_HappyBirthdayIG_02. Take a new picture or repost and old photo that shows what Instagram means to you. Be sure to write a few words about how you feel about Instagram, so we get to know you a little better. Did IG reignite your love of photography? Has it given you courage? Have you made new friends? We want to know! We plan on doing this each year so make your first #JJ_HappyBirthdayIG_02, post a great one! Thanks to @alli_james for reminding us of this big day.

Happy Anniversary Instagram and thank you, @kevin, @mikeyk "Signed @kevinkuster and the rest of the #JJ team" @joshjohnson, @ohemeg87, @yomap.

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