kristinatoddlerapproved Overtired 4 year old = massive tantrum destruction. Good times. 3y
  •   mandiehman Liking this only bc I so identify with that! 3y
  •   caisajill I hope you have a babysitter coming over tonight... Looks like you need a break! 3y
  •   kristinatoddlerapproved @caisajill totally should schedule one and tell them to make sure he cleans up ;) 3y
  •   caisajill Do it!!! And, go to the mall while the guys are at priesthood... At least that's what I'm doing. I'm even sick, so I'm not staying out late... Just late enough for the sitter to put the kids to bed :) 3y
  •   jeffhayes79 This is what I have to look forward to? 3y
  •   kristinatoddlerapproved @jeffhayes79 maybe Jude will be smarter? Andrew still doesn't get it that he will be the one cleaning it up too... despite the same consequence every time! :) 3y
  •   ashleycheechoo Oh Andrew!! Stubborn little man. That will be a long clean up. I'm also in support of u going to the mall (or anywhere!) and getting a sitter :) xoxo 3y

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