•   idalyden That's so cool, how fun! 2y
  •   tefztable @killawolf Nice! What's a powertool? Lol 2y
  •   tefztable Nevermind, I searched on google. But why was he using a powertool anyways? Haha 2y
  •   brookewestphal @killawolf what restaurant is this? 2y
  •   twilight.dream @killawolf hahaha and of course, being him, he was all too eager to do it. Hahaha he likes to use power tools even though they sometimes intimidate the shit out of him. 2y
  •   sawshimmii @killawolf I just saw this on perez hilton.. *~Instagram famous 2y
  •   robvincep ^ Lolz at both of you, not sure what's more shameful 2y
  •   brookewestphal this was shown on jimmy kimmel last night. you are totally ~famous @killawolf 2y

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