bonethrower Nuff said. If you don't like the artwork and ye it is artwork then don't look at it 2y
  •   vintage_rollei @bonethrower I love your use of color, line, geometry. Every once in a while I scroll past something of yours and blush... Then I usually smile. Your art is fun and real and honest. 2y
  •   aironjay @bonethrower just post a pic of your dick. "A still life portrait of the one who flags me" 2y
  •   marky1mp Fuck those haters 2y
  •   thehardroad @ronibrot What does being a Conservative have anything to do with this discussion? 2y
  •   aimsbot @midnite_tremors well said dude. 2y
  •   ronibrot @dagodestroyer maybe I've used the wrong word? I was just trying to make a point about people who are not very open-minded and English is not my mother's language actually, so I'm sorry if anyone's hurt or something... 2y
  •   silversantolia I totally agree 2y

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