theodorekaye I don't normally promote stuff here, but this serialized interactive novel/app is well worth checking out for all you iDevice users out there.

The brainchild of Eli Horowitz (full disclosure : he's my cousin), 'The Silent History' is part medical case study, part mystery novel, and part-real-life scavenger hunt. The App-Novel is divided into two parts: Testimonials and field reports. The testimonials, which are divided into six volumes of 20 chapters each, are automatically unlocked as the story unfolds each day. But the field reports require an unprecedented level of interaction: They can only be read by traveling to specific locations, and readers are encouraged to write and contribute their own localized installments.
The story takes place between 2011 and 2043, chronicling a future in which many children — dubbed "silents" — are born without the ability to speak, though they also seem to possess strange powers that aren't fully understood.
Check out 'The Silent History' in the iTunes store.
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