rugfoot Congrats to my good friend @italianbrother on his first #iphonegraphy exhibition! This man takes his life in his hands for his art! Here's to more fame (if not money ) 2y
  •   orangeskie @italianbrother fantastica! Avrei voluto esserci anch'io! 2y
  •   nakedcameraguy Congrats @italianbrother hope it went well. 2y
  •   ancestorsfound & great portrait by you! 2y
  •   albiestar I love that gallery. Theres a sculpture there thats got plugs with wires in the style of flowers at the moment which i think is my fave artwork 2y
  •   gericentonze Hey I know that guy! I know you were the impetus behind his work - thanks for inspiring @italianbrother with your course! 2y
  •   rugfoot Well a I gave him a little nudge. But he didn't need much. The man is a force of nature! @gericentonze I think he would have found photography one day or other without me. But it was a pleasure to be there when he was just starting his voyage of discovery  2y
  •   gericentonze A typical humble genius you are but I would agree that our friend Dilshad was destined to photograph the world as he sees it 2y

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