koci “Every exit is an entrance somewhere else”
Tom Stoppard
  •   roialxlll Very cleverly thought out ... Looks like the start of a long line waiting their turn for a quick exit from what ales them ... #roialphotos 2y
  •   jojonono_888 Maybe he knows something we dont? 2y
  •   carltonstith Exit strategy? 2y
  •   ernestovillalba Wow!! Very strong, a classic! I'm remembering the Capa's photo of a soldier jumping for a window... Love really! 2y
  •   silviarazgova @koci, beautiful images and great inspiration to worry about the photography and not too much about the camera. Question: How do you get the plain white rectangular frame? 2y
  •   giovanna65 It's reminds me a movie of the 30's with the Mafia and Al Capone 2y
  •   jldshelby Lol!!! We got a jumper!! Cool pictute!! 2y
  •   zd2bb Go ahead and jump 2y

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